So You Want To Be A Passionate Web Consultant?


We hire designers, SEO specialists, support agents, developers and marketers who want to help small businesses grow using smart technology and good design.

Whether they're launching new sites, fielding technical questions, giving design advice, or helping customers with their branding, Passionate Web Consultants help photographers and small business owners use the right tools to accomplish their goals.

Do you have a passion for helping people grow their businesses (and make truly awesome websites)? APPLY TODAY!


What Does a Passionate Web Consultant do?

Short answer? A little of everything! Long answer? They:

1) Help new customers launch their own websites.

Photographers and small business owners all over the world use PhotoBiz to look amazing online. You’ll help fledgling customers go from purchase & configuration to publish with a smile.

2) Answer questions & solve problems.

At heart, you are a problem solver. And resolving issues in a fast, caring way is one of the best things we do at PhotoBiz. We are here for clients 100% and are happy to give expert level training and support.

3) Reach out to see if we can help.

Periodically we call clients to see if everything is going OK with their business. This is not an upsell! We genuinely want to help our clients with strategy, marketing and technology so they can win at life.


Do You Have What It Takes?

It takes a certain special something to be a Passionate Web Consultant. Some of those somethings you can write on paper. Some you can’t.

And hey, if you’re The One, we’re happy to train you on all the technical stuff. We even have an in-house training program specially designed to turn you into a website-building rockstar.

Have you got what it takes to be our next Passionate Web Consultant? (We hope you do!) If so, pull out your resume and...