Be Our Customer Support Manager!


Our team is amazing at what they do. You'll help them be more amazing.



At PhotoBiz, we make websites and online tools for growing small businesses, and we’ve always done things a little differently.

For example, our first priority is that customers get the help they need – not that agents meet daily goals for call volume or efficiency. While this philosophy of fanatical support is antithetical to most call centers (which we are NOT), it is the core tenet of our business and what sets us apart in our industry.

We carefully select our service agents and groom them to deliver support that is nothing short of wildly passionate. It will be your responsibility to oversee this bright team of creative individuals, mentor them as they grow their careers, and seek improvements in the department and in the company as a whole.

As an “Anti-Call-Center-Manager,” you’ll oversee a team of 20 agents who take inbound calls, reach out to existing customers, and welcome brand new customers. You'll lead the team through product launches and marketing campaigns. You'll communicate with other departments. And you are the last step in the customer escalation process. 


 Do you have a passion for people, business and technology?